Omega Witch

Omega Witch (ISDS 326622)
Date of birth: 
Gwyn Lightfoot

HD - A (perfect)
Elbows, shoulders - 0/0
CEA - clear
Glaukoma - free
TNS - normal
CL - normal
IGS - normal/clear

2015 season in Wales.
Two times 1st and two times 4th place in Novice Class.
4th in Open class - 03.10.
6th in Novice in Hope Trial in England
2nd in N Wales Nursery Heat 8 with 7 points lost from 100
Qualified to the North Wales Nursery Final 2015.
3rd in Novice in Hope Trial in England
1st in Novice in Dovedale Trial in England - 21.11.2015
4th trial at Higher Whitley Sunday 22 November - 22.11.2015
14th in North Wales Nursery Final - Qualify to All Wales Nursery Final 2015
14th in All Wales Nursery Final 2015

2016 season
2nd in Open and 1st in 2nd Class in Felindre 14.05.2016
4th in Open in Llanfyllin Charity Trial
2nd in Open class Aberdaron Trial 13.06.2016
5th in Open Henryd & Llechwedd 23.06.16
4th in 2nd class Llanarmon-yn-Ial 13.08.16
Run in Welsh National

Witch's father Spot ISDS 28596 is also a father of Llandadog Gary ISDS: 308277, Serge van der Zweep who achieved some of the top prizes in herding sheep internationally
Her mother is Jan ISDS 296278, a strong bitch with a very good pedigree.
Both Spot and Jan are herding dogs of the highest quality with a natural outrun and lots of energy. Both dogs are working in a very good manner
Witch is stylish, strong, extremely fast and a keen bitch.
She also has a great, natural aport. Frisbee is her second love. She has an innate speed with focus and agility, which makes her great for most sports.

(ISDS 326622)
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