Rosie 00/337304
Date of birth: 
23 March 2015
Dot ISDS 295502
Int Sup Ch Llangwm Cap ISDS 315270
Arwyn Davies

CEA normal
TNS clear

Rosie is my young prospect for a Nursery Championships 2017
This bitch has got a lot of power, style and great feel for sheep. Can manage any size group of sheep. This is connected with lovely temperament and will to work for a handler.
Rosie has got a very good pedigree, old lines with well-established qualities.
Her father is Aled Owen's Supreme Champion, definitely outstanding trial dog and proven breeder Llangwm Cap.

Rosie Int Sup Ch
Llangwm Cap
(ISDS 315270)
Aled Owen hips: 6 total, elbow 0
Mac (ISDS 276484)
Gwyn (ISDS 248002) hips:3/3 Jim (ISDS 195051)
Loos (ISDS 213155)
Eli (ISDS 263758) Bob (Aled Owen)2004 W.Nat 2,2002 WorldCh 1, 2000 IntSu 1, W.Nat 2
Lil (Aled Owen)
Gael (ISDS 300056) Int Sup Ch Roy (ISDS 266416) hips: 4/3 Int Sup Ch Llangwm Bob (ISDS 224454)
Nell (ISDS 244346)
Fran (ISDS 261711) Bob (ISDS 229309)
Gyp (ISDS 231931)
Dot (ISDS 295502) Moss (ISDS 259599) Moel Roy (ISDS 210890) Gwyn (ISDS 248002)
Eli (ISDS 263758)
Gel (ISDS 239881) Int Sup Ch Roy (ISDS 266416)
Fran (ISDS 261711)
Rosie (ISDS 241864) Highgate Ken (ISDS 183233) Moel Roy (ISDS 210890)
Gel (ISDS 239881)
Snip Of Killiebrae (ISDS 227522) Highgate Ken (ISDS 183233)
Snip Of Killiebrae (ISDS 227522)