Omega Witch x Llangwm Mac

Omega Witch x Llangwm Cap
Date of birth: 
Mated 02/09/2016
Omega Witch
Llangwm Mac
Karolina Dyszy (Cemig Sheepdogs)

Hips - A (perfect)
Elbows, shoulders - OCD free
CEA - normal
TNS - clear
NCL - clear
IGS - clear
Opthalmic test: clear
Glaucoma - free

Hips - BVA hip dysplasia scheme total = 7
Elbows - BVA 0
CEA - normal
TNS - normal
CL - normal
IGS - clear

BOTH PARENTS HAVE GOT DNA PROFILE - Parentage Verification for the pup from this mating will cost 25 pounds and it will proof that the pup is CEA, TNS, NCL, IGS - Clear

Omega Witch
Witch is a half sister of Llandadog Gary (Serge van der Zweep)
Continental Sheepdog Trial 2015 Winner
Team member Dutch national team World Trial 2014
Dutch National Champion 2013
4th in Dutch National Championships 2014
Winner Swiss Open 2011, 2012 and 2013

Witch is a great trials and farms bitch.
MORE ABOUT WITCH (achievements, full pedigree and more):

Mac (ISDS 276484) Aled Owen
Mac is a good farms and trials dog, and a good breeder with proven great offspring. He is very easy to handle with anyone.
- father of International Supreme Sheepdog Champion 2015
Welsh National Sheepdog Champion 2015
14 Open Trial wins in 2014
4th in Welsh National 2016
Llangwm Cap (ISDS 315270) Aled Owen
- father of Llangwm Glesni - Second main Aled Owen's bitch. Qualify to the International 2015 (2 years old), many Open trials wins.
- father to Llangwm Mag - my young prospect, amazing and talented bitch already placed 6th in the age of 15 months
Mac with Aled Owen at French Open

Omega Witch
Llangwm Mac
Omega Witch (ISDS 326622) Spot (ISDS 28596) Moss (ISDS 260050) [Irl] Buddy (ISDS 233487) [Irl]
Midge (ISDS 232914)
Sali (ISDS 262198) Chip (ISDS 208092)
Snip (ISDS 238791)
Jan (ISDS 296278) Shep (ISDS 271409) Jed (ISDS 244564)
Highfield Fleck (ISDS 246913)
Jet (ISDS 281387) Moss (ISDS 238786)
Meg (ISDS 245272)
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Jem (ISDS 193606)
Juno (ISDS 238592) Glen (ISDS 198708)
Floss (ISDS 206445)
Eli (ISDS 263758) Int Sup Ch Llangwm Bob (ISDS 224454) Carl (ISDS 188967)
Nell (ISDS 171678)
Lil (ISDS 223944) Bwlch Hemp (ISDS 201604)
Nel (ISDS 174815)