Nell (ISDS: 321716)
Date of birth: 
L. Kiernan [Irl]

HD - A
OCD - free
CEA - normal
CL - normal
TNS - normal

Nell has had three successful starts in IHT I. Took 2, 5, and 3 rd place on the first day on the first competition and she made the best score in class I).
17.10.2014 - she won HWT CS FCI with the result of 94 points and note excellent.
20 - 21.12.2014 - Christmas Trial in The Nederlands - class I - 9th and 4th place
In Wales Nell started to run in Open

Nell is a bitch with a nice character. At home she does not cause any problems and
at work Nell demonstrates a strong, balanced character. She is reflexive, fast, dynamic and she works in a beautiful style and she is my best help on the farm in Wales.

28.03.2014 - Nell had a litter with Llangadog Gary - 9 pups
28.05.2015 - litter with Cap (J. E. Lightfoot) - 8 pups

Nell (isds: 321716) [Irl]
L Kiernan
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Meg (ISDS 154040)
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L Kiernan
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