MKD Jane x Burndale Brad

Date of birth: 
Mated 02/09/2016
MKD Jane (ISDS 322309)
Burndale Brad Isds 00/323896

Hips - A (perfect)
CEA - carrier
TNS - normal
Glaucoma - free

Cea - normal
Tns - clear
Igs - clear
Hips - B1

This litter will have the great pedigree. Both parents are proven breeders with healthy, working offsprings.

Achievements family ancestors of future pups:
Burndale Brad
Brad is an Open trial winner.
In his first Open season he was placed in the top three 16 times.
So far his offspring are showing the great potential.

Brad is a Son of
B. Dalziel's Spot (ISDS 262341)
- Scottish National Champion
- 3rd International Supreme.
- A superb breeder over many years.
Llangwm May (ISDS 300898) daughter of Aled Owen's Roy (ISDS 266416), World and International Supreme Champion.

He has great style and power with an outstanding feel for sheep.
His work ethic at home is superb on any size group of sheep and his temperament is impeccable. He has already been used at stud with great success including some top bitches from leading studs.
Brad is a sibling to many dogs within the Burndale stud, including Burndale Chief (now forging a great career in Sweden),
Star and Peg, both consistent trial winners for David Henderson, along with many others working and trialling for noted handlers.

My Key Dog Jane -
Proven breeding bitch. Gave two litter of healthy working dogs. Her offspring is doing great in herding and other sports.

Daughter of
LLANDADOG GARY ISDS 00/308277 (Serge van der Zweep):
Continental Sheepdog Trial 2015 Winner
Team member Dutch national team World Trial 2014
Dutch National Champion 2013
4th in Dutch National Championships 2014
Winner Swiss Open 2011, 2012 and 2013

MKD Kate (Mike van der Most)
Kate won one of the qualifications to Continental in 2013. She was 4th in general qualification to the World Trial 2014.
She won Championships in farm style.
Kate is a daughter of

Jim ISDS 277807 (Serge van der Zweep)
1st place Dutch National 2011
1st place Continental Brace Championship 2010 (with Lass) - Continental Brace Champion 2010
5th place Continental Championship 2009
1st place Continental Brace Championship 2009 (with Lass) - Continental Brace Champion 2009
2nd place Dutch National (FCI) 2009
1st place Dutch National (ISDS) 2009 - Dutch National Champion 2009
1st place Double Gather Final 2009 (Dutch National Qualification) 2009
11th place World Trial Qualification 2008
2nd member of Dutch Team on World Trial 2008
1st place Dutch National (DSDS) - Dutch National Champion 2007

MKD Jill, mother to Kate is full sister to Fly end Megan, who were both twice running in the World Trial

MKD Jane
Burndale Brad
Burndale Brad (ISDS 323896)
HD-B1, CEA normal, TNS clear
(ISDS 262341) R.(Bobby) Dalziel
2011 WorldQ 5, IntSu 3
2011 S.Nat 11, 2007 IntSu 11
2005 IntSu 12, S.Nat 9, WorldQ 5
2004 IntQ 14, Dr 1, S.Nat 1
Tam R.(Robert) Robertson
(ISDS 227645)
Jim (ISDS 195051)
R.(Bobby) Dalziel
1994 IntSu 3, S.Nat 3
Loos (ISDS 213155)
(ISDS 246859) Ms.S.McGarty
Tod (ISDS 226528) R.(Ron) Bailey
Jed (ISDS 230370) T.Iley
Llangwm May
(ISDS 300898)
Int Sup Ch Roy
(ISDS 266416) A.(Aled) Owen 2010 W.Nat 4
2009 W.Nat 3
2008 WorldCh 1, W.Nat 5 2007 IntSu 1
HD - 4/3, CEA normal
Int Sup Ch Llangwm Bob (ISDS 224454) A.(Aled) Owen
2004 W.Nat 2, 2002 WorldCh 1, 2000 IntSu 1, W.Nat 2
Nell (ISDS 244346) G.S.Owen
Greenhill Lyn
(ISDS 292800) A.(Aled) Owen
Scot (ISDS 250614) G.Thomas
Jill (ISDS 241017) G.Thomas
MKD Jane
(ISDS 322309)
Llangadog Gary
(ISDS 308277)
hips HD-A, CEA normal, TNS normal
Spot (ISDS 281596) Moss (ISDS 260050) [Irl]
Sali (ISDS 262198)
Gwen (ISDS 281000) Bill (ISDS 252806)
Connie (ISDS 233290)
(NHSB G-1-2707369) [Ned]
Jim (ISDS 277807) [Irl] Bill (ISDS 252806)
Gyp (ISDS 261603)
My Kay Dog Jill (NHSB G-1-2567445) [Ned] Roy
MKD Kate