MKD Jane

MKD Jane (ISDS 322309)
Date of birth: 
Mike van der Most

OCD: free
CEA: Carrier
Opthalmic eye test : Clear
TNS: normal

Jane is a strong, full of power, very keen bitch.
She gave the litter with Eryri Jaff. All her pups doing great and please their owners.

Some fact from Jane's pedigree:
LLANDADOG GARY ISDS 00/308277 (Serge van der Zweep):
Continental Sheepdog Trial 2015 Winner
Team member Dutch national team World Trial 2014
Dutch National Champion 2013
4th in Dutch National Championships 2014
Winner Swiss Open 2011, 2012 and 2013
DNA TNS Normal
Eyetested CEA/PRA not affected

MKD Kate (Mike van der Most)
Kate won one of the quolifications to Continental in 2013. She was 4th in general quolification to the World Trial 2014.
She won Championships in farm style.
Kate is a daughter of

Jim ISDS 277807 (Serge van der Zweep)
1st place Dutch National 2011
1st place Continental Brace Championship 2010 (with Lass) - Continental Brace Champion 2010
5th place Continental Championship 2009
1st place Continental Brace Championship 2009 (with Lass) - Continental Brace Champion 2009
2nd place Dutch National (FCI) 2009
1st place Dutch National (ISDS) 2009 - Dutch National Champion 2009
1st place Double Gather Final 2009 (Dutch National Qualification) 2009
11th place World Trial Qualification 2008
2nd member of Dutch Team on World Trial 2008
1st place Dutch National (DSDS) - Dutch National Champion 2007

MKD Jill, mother to Kate is full sister to Fly end Megan, who where both twice running in the World Trial

My Key Dog Jane Llangadog Gary
(ISDS 308277)
hips HD-A, CEA normal, TNS normal
Spot (ISDS 281596) Moss (ISDS 260050) [Irl]
Sali (ISDS 262198)
Gwen (ISDS 281000) Bill (ISDS 252806)
Connie (ISDS 233290)
Kate (NHSB G-1-2707369) [Ned] Jim (ISDS 277807) [Irl] Bill (ISDS 252806)
Gyp (ISDS 261603)
My Kay Dog Jill (NHSB G-1-2567445) [Ned] Roy
MKD Kate